How to get the most out of the Summit!

Do you agree to show up this way?

Let Me See You!

Hey beautiful!! I get it… you’re in your PJs… AND… I’d love to see your face! It helps me understand what’s landing, when you’re confused, and when I need to go into more detail. Plus, it’s so much more fun if I can see you raise those paddles and engage! This will make these three days one of the most fun and valuable virtual experiences you’ve EVER been a part of!!

PS – Be aware of your surroundings. For example, if you need to use the restroom during the live sessions and take your computer with you so you can still hear us, be sure to turn off your audio and video. (It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised! I kid you not!!)

Being Present

You came for an Income Breakthrough. That’s going to require your full presence. 100%. No compromising here. Your subconscious programming (more on that soon) will attempt to distract you from hearing exactly what you need to by engaging you in a story that something else needs your attention… whether it’s work, a client, family, kids, or just FB. Don’t listen. This is your time. Being present is huge self-care. It makes a huge impact. It’s the pathway to massive upleveling.

Keep distractions at a minimum by putting your phones on do not disturb and turning your email notifications off. Multi-tasking is a way of undermining your self-worth.

If you have children, set up a play area where you can keep an eye on them while they are self-entertaining or better yet hire a babysitter or ask a friend or partner to watch the kids. You deserve it!

Your Best You

Listen to your body. Stay hydrated. Eat well. Get good sleep. Plan ahead to have drinks and yummy snacks on hand.


Take the time during breaks and breakouts to connect with fellow attendees. Jump into a hallway before and after sessions, or during breaks to say hi and “talk shop”!

Join Us On Time

This is a LIVE virtual experience and I’ve planned each session for you to get maximum ROI. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the teaching and all that we have planned for you. There’s nothing “skippable” and it’s all required to make your Income Breakthrough. There are no replays, so make sure you block the time on your calendar and join us for EVERY session over the course of these 3 days!


I’ll be answering your questions live from the stage throughout the 3-day Summit. Post your questions in the zoom chat for Team Unstoppable to see. They will feed me these questions during the Q&A times. Please raise your hand to share and ask questions during these dedicated times. Remember to post your questions succinctly – try to include only the most relevant details to get the best possible answer.

Can’t wait to jam with you over the next 3 days! It’s going to be AMAZING! Let’s do this!


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