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John Rose is Aprio’s Director of Federal Tax Quality Control. He has extensive experience providing technical tax consulting and compliance services to multinational businesses, individual taxpayers, and tiered partnership structures. In his role, John utilizes expertise and research to interpret tax regulations and structures to maximize client understanding, manage risk and ensure the quality of Aprio’s tax deliverables and client service.

John’s expertise includes tax research, tax conflict resolution, and tax practice management. He conducts advanced research and constantly monitors tax guidance to address both clients’ and team members’ tax questions. John provides guidance on creating structures to limit and defer tax liabilities, including the use of offshore operations, and helps clients understand the impact that emerging tax codes will have on their business and personal finances.

John advances Aprio’s tax knowledge base and resources and sets quality controls and guidelines for the firm. As a vigilant student of federal tax law, he has an eye for detail and is always on the lookout for opportunities to save clients money.